Reflections of a Cynical Clinical Psychologist – Max Heinrich


Reflections of a Cynical Clinical Psychologist - Max Heinrich

Presenting first-hand accounts from the ‘front line’, Reflections of a Cynical Clinical Psychologist provides the reader with a participant experience of the daily ups and downs of a US mental health professional. Vividly describing actual clinical events ranging from tragic to comedic, this book calls attention to the human realities of the system’s dysfunction.
Illustrated throughout by anecdotes based on the author’s 50 years of experience and observations in the field, the book focuses on ‘the system’ as the problem, identifying the limitations in current mental health policy with the emphasis misplaced onto profit rather than optimal patient care. These anecdotes are organized by themes such as the harsh treatment of patients by staff; loss in the workplace; anomalous staff behavior; problems with the legal system; and clinically unexpected and bizarre episodes.
The value of humor as a stress reducer, social leveler and a means to make incisive points is highlighted throughout. This is important reading for mental health professionals, policy makers and those interested in humanizing social policy.

Autor: Max Heinrich
ISBN: 9780367336394
Editura: Taylor & Francis
Anul publicării: 2020
Pagini: 162
Categoria: Carte straina

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