New approaches in behavioral sciences – Cosmin Popa, Wesley C. Lee, Adrian V. Rus


New approaches in behavioral sciences - Cosmin Popa, Wesley C. Lee, Adrian V. Rus

Simply said, clinical psychology (i. e.., medical psychology) is the most representative branch of psychology, in terms of interesting/ students/professionals/ funds, dealing with the psychological factors involved in health and illness/disorder.
The current clinical psychology science is strongly framed in the evidence-based model and in a multilevel paradigm (e. g., from genetic to biology to psychology and psycho-cultural aspects).
The current book is rigorous in reflecting the current state of the clinical psychology field and also new trends in the field. Indeed, the chapters are generally based adequately on data/rigorous evidence, thus preserving the evidence-based model. Moreover, the whole book reflects the multilevel paradigm. And this is not easy, as in such a paradigm one must rigorously reflect each level, but also present complex interrelations among different levels. While Section 1 of the book interestingly presents interrelations among various levels of analysis (e. g., genetic/biological/psychological),
Section 2 is more focused on the core psychological factors, while Sections 3 and 4 move the analyses to social-cultural components of various psychological phenomena.
Overall, this is an interesting book, I strongly recommend it for students/professionals in allied fields (e. g., medicine), alongside with professionals in clinical/health psychology and counseling/psychotherapy.

Professor, Ph. D., Daniel David,
Babes-Bolyay University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York, USA
Director of Research at Albert Ellis Institute, New York, USA”

Autor: Cosmin Popa
ISBN: 9789731696515
Editura: University Press
Anul publicării: 2020
Categoria: Carte universitara

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