My Absolute Darling – Gabriel Tallent


My Absolute Darling - Gabriel Tallent

‘The year’s must read novel’ The Times
‘One of the most important books you’ll pick up this decade’ Harper’s Bazaar
At 14, Turtle Alveston knows the use of every gun on her wall. She knows how to snare arabbit, sharpen a blade and splint a bone. She knows that her daddy loves her more thananything else in this world and he’ll do whatever it takes to keep her with him.
But she doesn’t know why she feels so different from the other girls at school; why the linebetween love and pain can be so hard to see. Or why making a friend may be the bravestand most terrifying thing she has ever done.
Sometimes the people you’re supposed to trust are the ones who do most harm. And whatyou’ve been taught to fear is the very thing that will save you …

Autor: Gabriel Tallent
ISBN: 9780525536710
Editura: Penguin Books
Anul publicării: 2018
Pagini: 432
Categoria: Carte straina

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