First Steps into Marketing – Monica Marin, Laura Muresan

First Steps into Marketing - Monica Marin, Laura Muresan


Unit 1: Socialising in Business (p7)
Unit 2: Education (p19)
Unit 3: Self-assessment of communication competences with the help of the European language portfolio (p31)
Unit 4: Marketing Yourself (p44)
Unit 5: Managing Your Personal Finance (p62)
Unit 6: Marketing 1 (p74)
Unit 7: Marketing 2 (p86)
Unit 8: Adertising and Branding (p97)
Unit 9: Management (p113)
Unit 10: The European Union (p124)
Key (p132)
Bibliography (p143)

To the students,

This textbook is addressed to the students who would like to improve their business English and who are especially interested in Marketing.
It was designed to offer opportunities for practising and developing integrated skills, in order to help our students cope with real-life use of language.
The book aims to be more communicative than informative, the main goal of the authors being to provide opportunities for interaction between students.
Any comments and suggestions with a view to further improvement are welcome from both our students and colleagues.

Autor: Monica Marin
ISBN: 9737765133
Editura: Uranus
Anul publicării: 2005
Pagini: 143Format: 21 x 29.5
Categoria: Carte universitara