English for Engineering – Irina Janina Boncea


English for Engineering - Irina Janina Boncea

The coursebook is made up of 22 thematic units, which display little symetry in the way they are organised, underpinning a holistic approach, cognitive and metacognitive rigour and flexibility in the presentation of the key notions and addressing the components of the communicative competence in an integrated manner. 
The book is equally concerned with raising and training intercultural awareness through highlighting the differences between the British and the American systems, as well as providing functional equivalents and adaptation techniques – for instance, units of measure as culture-bound items. 
The monolingual corpus includes authentic texts that are exploited creatively with a view to developing micro-skills such as reading comprehension, rephrasing as a strategic choice, information transfer, persuasion techniques, information mining skills, formal presentation skills, etc. 
The functional load of grammatical and lexical items and structures secures the learners’/ users ‘autonomy in various interpersonal and professional commu-nication settings, which boosts motivation to learn English as a life skill and as a lifelong process. 
I invite you to explore this handbook book "powered" by Mrs. Irina Janina Boncea and to have a nice and fruitful experience in the language of engi-neering and in engineering language!  – Associate Professor Titela Vilceanu, PhD Craiova, 16 September 2013 


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