Children’s Empowerment in Play – Natalie Canning


Children's Empowerment in Play - Natalie Canning

Children’s Empowerment in Play is an accessible insight into the vital place of play in children’s development. The book focuses on three main themes of participation, voice and ownership, and explores ways to positively and naturally develop play in early years settings.
Drawing on primary research and presenting in-depth case studies of children in a range of play scenarios, Canning offers a framework for understanding play and its relationship with children’s empowerment, and highlights play patterns and the ways in which practitioners can identify these. Chapters also cover:

  • The research context for empowerment in play
  • The significance of play and empowerment in the lives of children
  • The power play can have, and indicators of empowering behaviour
  • Observing empowerment in play and the challenges of celebrating it

Written for all those working with young children and students on early childhood courses, this book will transform how you understand and engage with children’s experiences and learning.

Autor: Natalie Canning
ISBN: 9781138322295
Editura: Taylor & Francis
Anul publicării: 2020
Pagini: 116
Categoria: Carte straina

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