50 Year Love Affair. A Rangers fan’s Story – Bob MacCallum

50 Year Love Affair. A Rangers fan's Story - Bob MacCallum

This title is written by a fan for the fans, covering the last 50 years of Rangers’ history. This is a journey down memory lane, celebrating the past heroes of a great club. It includes assessments of managers and ponders the changes to Ibrox Stadium. This book should hopefully provoke memories in teenagers as well as in the older generation who witnessed the games and players described from the early 1960s until the end of season 2009/10. In a way, this is a unique football book in that it describes the momentous matches and achievements of Rangers since 1960, not from a player or manager’s perspective, nor from a journalist’s, but from the point of view of an ordinary Rangers’ fan. Therefore, it is a very subjective account of the Rangers’ players, managers and games that have contributed to the history of that great club over the past 50 years. Apart from the author’s personal experiences of the last 50 years in following Rangers, he also shows us what was happening in his own life while these events were taking place and how events on the pitch shape his life off it.

Autor: Bob MacCallum
ISBN: 9781859838556
Editura: Astro
Anul publicării: 2013
Pagini: 192Format: 140×205
Categoria: Carte straina